I'm Jeremy, the person behind PoweredUp.io. I've spent hours crafting these questions to generate the best interview to market your game. 

These questions are a work in progress, so if you have any feedback please let me know. Try to answer as many questions as you can, but keep in mind the following:

  • Write your answers down in a text editor first until you're ready to submit
  • Do NOT refresh your browser at anytime or it will be game over 👾 * (Seriously, we will lose all of your answers and everyone will be sad)
  • There are over 20 pages ranging from 1-3 questions per page. 
  • Go slow;  *Most* of the questions are optional but the more you answer the better your interview will be
  • It can take a while to fill it out. It depends on how much time you put in. Please don't feel rushed, submit it at your own pace.
Thank you for your interest in promoting your game on Powered Up! 

To start off, a few brief overview questions of your game.

In this section, talk about the design of your game. What inspired you? What was the motivation to make this?

You can upload multiple HD screenshots or .gifs (please only submit here if they are from the early stages of your game -- we will ask for newer ones later) 1920x1080 or 1280x720 for screenshots 400x400 for .gifs (No greater than 3-3.5mb for .gifs)

How was your game produced?

Example: Game Maker Studio 2, Unity, etc.

Try to show one of the mechanics mentioned above

How about the art/animation?

Please include a link to their preferred website!


Tell us about the music & sound design!

Please include a link to their preferred website!

In this section, you'll find questions meant to categorize your game on the site.

If there is multiple genres that are not listed, please separate them with commas
You can pick multiple!

Your interview can be featured on our homepage for a certain amount of time / be categorized as featured. This helps it get more exposure!

Make my interview Featured (Studio) / 1 week
Make my interview Featured (Studio) / 1 month
Make my interview Featured (Publisher) / 1 week
Make my interview Featured (Publisher) / 1 month

Please paste all the appropriate links to where users can or will be able to find your game.

Newsletter Call to Action: On your interview page, there is a space for asking PoweredUp users to join your newsletter. This is especially helpful if you're about not ready to launch or about to launch. If you wanted to include a call to action we will contact you afterwards to get your headline and embedded HTML! This section is entirely optional!

This will only be handed out by email on the day your game is included in the Weekly Powerup newsletter.

Important final questions! Please fill out as much as you can.

If you don't have a trailer yet, leave this blank and contact me later to update it.
.gif size between 3-3.5mb

Thank you so much for promoting your game with PoweredUp.io!

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